Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mr. Giggles Rides Again (with us)

While we were in SLC today. we were able to meet , have lunch with, and visit with Mr. Giggles (my younger brother). It was great to see him, and catch up on what is happening in his life. He has become my inspiration right now, because he has lost 30 pounds now in his effort to live a healthier life. I applaud his efforts (he looks great!), and am going to work to follow his example. I was losing weight for a while, but since quitting my second job, I have put some of that weight back on. I am determined to lose it again, and more.

Let's go Bro'! Lose it! Stick.


Mr. Giggles said...

And the funny thing is, I didn't do this to lose weight! I did it to be healthier, and the weight has just come off! I think that's the trick! Of course, I'm still STARVING ALL THE TIME, but compared to what the Mrs. is going through, I can't complain!

Nene said...

It's nice that ya'll could get together!