Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pardon me, Have you seen my Brain?

Have you ever met someone who is a very intelligent person, but can lose their socks while wearing their shoes? This is my youngest daughter. Sometimes. Recently, she received her driver's license, and to celebrate, she went and bought a new wallet to keep it in. She promptly lost the wallet, the new license, and her mother's debit card. A month or so later, a friend found the wallet at their house (after we had replaced the debit card of course). She is constantly putting her phone down, and then can't remember where she put it. ( I admit, I do this with my glasses, but as my kids keep reminding me, I am getting older). :o)

Yesterday, my wife and I were driving back from SLC. This daughter had driven with some friends to see the Elk herds on their winter range near Jackson Hole. We suddenly got a phone call from our daughter's phone. Not unusual. Only she wasn't the one on the phone!
"Excuse me, but the owner of this phone left her phone and her wallet in my store in Jackson Hole."
A twofer! She left both! Luckily, she and her friends had not left Jackson Hole yet, and when they received our text message (her friend didn't answer the phone), they were able to return to the store and retrieve her property.
They say that people do this kind of thing because they have so much on their mind--so many things they are thinking about--that small details sometimes escape them (I'm sure that is the case with me) :o) I can only hope that she grows out of it. I can't afford to lose a car.

Maybe we'll try Ginkgo Beloba. Stick.


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It is truly a sign of stress if you are under tremendous amounts of it---I doubt that is the case with your daughter.