Saturday, January 29, 2011

Alternating Problems

I noticed th last few days that my car battery light was coming on, in the van, when I would start it up in the morning. I just thought it was the cold weather, and figured that I would put it on the charger this weekend. However, on Wednesday mornings, my wife drives the van, and I take her vehicle to work. She had the van die on her that afternoon, while she was clear across town, and trying to get our oldest son to a dentist appointment on time. (They made it thanks to a daughter with a car). When I got back to town, we went to get the van. It started, so I drove it straight to where we bought the battery last summer. I JUST made it there before it died again. The battery had a bad cell, BUT the car also had a bad alternator. We bought the new part, and I put it in Thursday afternoon..evening..both. Getting the alternator out and in, wasn't the problem. Getting the stupid belt back on was! The area around the belt is so narrow, I couldn't get my arms down in to align the belt properly. After two hours of trying, my youngest son, with skinny arms, came out and helped me. Twenty minutes later, we were done. Thank you son!

I just need to pause before I end to recognize the blessings of the Lord here. Yes, our vehicle broke down, and we had to repair it. However, We had the money to do so right now, I was able to do it , with my son's help, and no one got stranded somewhere wout in the middle of nowhere. We were able to get the van to where the problem could be diagnosed--for free, and then were able to drive it to our house--all without any real problems.

Pay attention to the small blessings, and the not so small. Stick.

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Dee Ice Hole said...

I am glad you were able to figure it out and fix it without a lot of cost.