Saturday, January 31, 2009

Good Friends

Recently, my wife turned 26 (again). Our friends invited us out to dinner to celebrate on them. They brought her a nice little present--twice. They came by two days before her birthday, and brought her some chocolate cake with a candle, and a small gift. Then at the restaurant, they pulled out another bag full of assorted small things they had been picking up.

I guess I'm just in a very thankful mood over the last two posts, because it is so nice to have friends like this around. We have helped them, and they have helped us on numerous occasions. Generally, we don't make too many close friends. We know many people, but only have a few that we really get close to, and those we try to hang onto. I have a friend that we have stayed in contact with for almost 30 years, while others that I thought I would stay close to have drifted away.

These new friends are keepers.

Here's hoping you have a few of them in your lives as well. Stick

Valentine's Day

I wanted to post here How much I love my family and extended family. I think that many of the World's problems, and most of the problems that the U.S. faces, could be solved if more people had the support and love of family that I feel from mine. I am including in this not only my wife and kids, but also my brothers and sisters.

How many people turn to gangs because they did not feel accepted at home? How many are homeless because they had no where else to turn?

I just want all who read this blog (since most of you are family, and any who are not--welcome to the family!) to know of my love to you. If you don't know it already, I am willing to help in any way I can if you need it.

Now everbody circle up for a big group hug!

Luv yer Guts. Stick.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Over, and over again

I recently finished the first draft of my book. The other day, my wife and I wennt and had a hard copy printed for editing purposes. I am now in the porcess of going through the book for the third time correcting tense, grammar, and any spelling errors that Word missed. I also recently attended a writer's workshop presented by a published author who visited our school. He had a list of twelve things to do when writing a successful story. I think mine has all of them. I hope it does. Now if I could just convince the publishers....

Have a great day! Stick.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Self Exam

My last post contained three poems that I recently wrote. The comments made by others got me thinking about these, and why I chose the topics I did, and why I wrote them. I think my self-revelation about the story behind the poems might interest some of the readers. Maybe not, but here goes anyway. :o)

The first poem came to me when I heard one of my students tell another how much they liked a picture they had drawn. They simply said, "That picture is great!", then they walked out of the room before the artist had a chance to say anything, but I saw the response. This simple compliment made the first student's day. I started thinking about the many times that something like this might happen, and how the little things we say can have big results.

The second poem came just after Thanksgiving. We were sitting around with all of our family and friends (stuffed to the gills of course), and I started to think how grateful I was for the things we had been blessed with. I have never gone hungry in my life due to lack of food (and looking at me you can tell). I wanted to express somehow that feeling of gratitude. I hope I was successful.

The last poem came to me as an analogy of a man's life. I wanted to show how we need support from those around us to succeed, and how we have to work hard to stay aimed at our real goal.

I have written several other poems since these. If I decide to post them, maybe I will do so with explanations like these of where the idea came from.

Keep on thinking. Stick.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Poet's Corner

Here are a few more of my efforts at poetry:

The Hero
by Stick

I was saved the other day by a hero,
But not one as the world views.
They faced no fearsome danger,
No task to try their thews.

My hero had no mighty sword-
No gem of power and might.
There was no beast of legend fame
No blinding flash of light.

Yet ir-regardless that there was no threat
A hero he still remains.
For he saved me from deep despair,
And recalled my sense and name.

For I was lost upon the pathway
Of self-pity and of gloom,
Which surely would have destroyed me,
Would certainly have meant my doom.

But my hero came upon me
While I dwelt in my prison of woe,
And lifted my downtrodden spirit
Though I’m sure he did not even know.

A kind word and a pat on the back,
Or praise as he walked out the door
Were enough to insure my salvation.
It was this, and nothing more.

Hunger’s Watchin’
by Stick

I heard a knock upon my door
Before the twilight’s passing,
And went to let them in,
This person who was asking

When the portal there was opened,
And my guest came into view,
I found Hunger there a’callin’,
But why—I hadn’t a clue.

I asked why he had come
To my home, where we had plenty.
We had never known his face,
In fact we shared with many.

He said, “I’ve been a’watchin’
As you’ve ‘et and shared with others.
I’ve watched as you’ve cooked your vittles,
For your sisters and your brothers.”

“You’ve cooked roasts and whole turkeys,
With both sauce and cream gravy.
I’ve seen pies, cakes, and potatoes,
And beans both green and navy.”

“You’ve baked breads with oats and honey.
You’ve made soups and chili too.
You’ve had beets, and rice, and apples,
Carrots, corn, and cheese that’s new.”

“I’ve seen you cookin’ eggs,
And toast with jam and jelly.
In fact, I’ve seen you cookin’
All good things to fill one’s belly.”

“Now after centuries of watchin’
Folk who have little meat for carvin’
I think I’d like to eat my fill
So please start cookin’ now—I’m starvin’!”

Bows and Arrows
by Stick

The arrow from the Fletcher’s hands
Is straight, and clean, and true.
Likewise the bow, with string and limb,
Was crafted perfect when it was new.
But neither the bowyer in his workshop,
Nor the Fletcher in his den,
Can make the arrow strike the mark
That’s aimed poorly in the fen.

The wood of the bow is helpless,
Though it gives strength and spring,
But it cannot shoot straight to it’s mark,
Without the tautness of the string.
The arrow in all it’s strength,
With feathered vanes and tip,
Cannot fly, and strike to home,
Lest the bow aid in the trip.

Each archer who is given
Shaft, and string, and bow,
Controls the fate of the arrow’s path,
And whither it shall go.
‘Tis said, “We hit right where we aim,
Whether ‘tis the spot we chose, or nay.”
So send your bolts with proper care
To have success by end of day.

Have a great day! Stick.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

I'm posting from a math and science conference in Casper. I've learned some interesting things.

I now know how to determine time of death using body temperature. I can lift fingerprints, put out fires, determine height of an individual based on the length of the humerus bone, or estimate someones height based on their shoe size. I can't wait to see what I learn today. :o) (I did learn some other things, but I'm sure they weren't as important as those mentioned)

As a side note, I have wanted to buy a GPS for several years, and in fact, I am taking one of the courses today on using a GPS in the classroom situation. This conference is giving out some very nice door prizes, and I won a Garmin Legend GPS. I am very excited about this, and it made the whole trip worthwhile for that if for no other reason. I am still in the running for an IPOD or an IPOD touch. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Have a great day. Stick.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Delirious posted her top 6 quirks, so I thought I would do that as well. This turned out harder than I had at first thought. I’m sure that I don’t have any quirks, but I’ll post a few things anyway.

1. I will drink from a cup someone else has drunk from already, and eat their leftover food, and share licks on my ice cream cone, and have even shared a toothbrush. Not sure if this is a quirk, or just gross, but it’s the first thing that came to mind. :o)

2. I like to always have a cup of water nearby. It doesn’t need to be cold, or fresh, just there for me to take a sip from now and then. (I’ve even drunk from mud puddles and rivers)

3. I hate cooking in a dirty kitchen. If the counters are dirty, or there are things in the way, I have to straighten it up before I cook.

4. I’m not sure if this is a quirk, or just a major annoyance, but I snore very loudly.

5. My kids will testify that whenever someone speaks a phrase that reminds me of a song, I sing the line from the song at them.

6. My last comes from being a school teacher. I tend to repeat instructions or information to people, and give even basic instructions about things that others already know how to do. (My wife hates it when I do this). :o)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


My two boys are now old enough to go into the program our church sponsors for young men and young women. For the young men, this mainly deals with them participating in the Boy Scout program. The scout leader came over and welcomed the boys into the troop.

My wife asked the older of the two boys where they got to go on Tuesday nights from now on. He was confused for a little bit, then said, “Well we either get to go to scouts or Young Men’s. Do we have to choose each week which one we go to?”
My wife told him, “Scout’s is Young Men’s. You don’t have to choose.”

He was very relieved.

Take care. Stick.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Twins Birthday

My twin boys turn twelve years old this Tuesday, so I thought I would blog a few things about them.

When they were first born, the only way we could tell them apart was that the older of the two had an extra toe. We soon learned to distinguish them by other characteristics. We gave them nicknames to match some of the things we saw.

The younger always seemed to do things first and faster, so we nicknamed him 'Lightning', while the older one was a little louder and always seemed to follow the younger one around, so he became 'Thunder'. Lightning crawled first, talked first, and walked first. Thunder, living up to his name, crawled like he was trying to pound his hands through the floor, and when he learned to walk, he stomped his feet with every step.

You could never give just one of them a treat. If you presented either of them with a cookie, for instance, he would run and get his brother, and drag him back by the hand to get his treat as well. They have always been either the best of friends or the worst of enemies, and I have said many times that if they survive each other, they will be tough enough to survive anything. As kids, they were constantly dreaming up ways to get into trouble, and what one couldn't think of the other could. One would hold the chair, while the first climbed onto the counter to get the cookies and hand them down. They used to get up in the middle of the night and go out to the refrigerator. They would open the door and then proceed to unwrap all of the butter cubes and throw them on the floor. Eggs came next, and we lost several pounds of butter and several dozen eggs before we found a way to stop them (a lock on the fridge door). :o)

While they were still in the crawling stage, Lightning jumped onto the bed where Thunder and he were playing, and landed on his arm breaking it. Later, Lightning would part company with the Hatch town merry-go-round, landing and breaking his collarbone. His bad luck with play equipment continued a while later when was pushed off a zip line like toy in a fun room to land on his arm and break it as well.

Thunder had an infection in his left ear that caused swelling, blood clots, infection (including spinal meningitis), and several other complications. He spent six weeks in the critical care unit of Primary Children's Hospital, and still suffers from some of the effects of that trauma to his system (including a prosthetic bone in his left ear).

They are enthusiastic about sports, and both of them have played soccer and basketball for several years. I think that if their bodies ever catch up with their will to play, they will be excellent players. They already show talent, and get better each year. They also both enjoy being in the small school band. Lightning is learning to play the trumpet, and after some choice making, Thunder is learning the saxophone. I hope they continue.

They both love the scouting program, and are excited to be going into boy scouts this next week. We love them, and hope the best for their futures.

Take care. Stick.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy B-Day Nene

I don't know why, but Nene's birthday always seems to sneak up on me. It's not like it's not on the same day every year. I think it is because we are focusing so much on the New Year's day stuff. Most of my memories of Nene come from when she was older, or at least into her teens. I can vaguely remember her with her braces, which she had for four years or so, but I mainly remember her during her high school years. She was always on the go, or so it seemed to me. I can remember her sitting in the living room playing the guitar with her friends. I think that is why I wanted to learn the guitar later on. I'm sure I remember a stop sign and a yield sign in her room (although I don't think she showed them to me, I think I snuck in there to snoop) :o).

I do rememeber when she dated Dave(?) with the green chevy, and I remember when she first announced that she and Leon were getting married. The boys were in love with his mustang. I put rice and newspaper in their car, and filled two hollowed out eggs with rice to throw at them at their wedding. (I believe I had to vacuum out the car too).

I have always been amazed at Nene's musical talent, and wish I had a share of it. I would love to be able to play the piano like she can, but when it comes to that I am all thumbs.

Nen has had her share of trials, and has faced them better than I would have. She is a great person, whose sense of humor fits right there with the rest of us. We love you Nene.

Happy Birthday! Stick.