Tuesday, April 17, 2007

But better never late...

I recently had my students turn in an assignment that I gave them. They were supposed to present a paper proving something about a person, group of people, or event. I gave them 3 months to write this paper, and even allowed them to turn in a rough draft at 2 months which I would read and grade, so that they could fix whatever was wrong and get a 100% on this assignment.

I received in total 81 of approxiamtely 125 papers, many of which were written the day they were due. I had students come to me that morning asking what the paper was supposed to be about. I had students have their parents check them out of school so that they would have an extra day to write their paper.

Better late than never.

Take care. Stick.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

To be, or not to be...

My wife asked my third daughter what she wants to do when she graduates from High School. She said, "I want to be a professional athlete." My first question was, "In what--Football?" My wife had a better question. She said, "What is your backup plan for when you get hurt, don't make it, or retire." My daughter said, "I think I want to be a Dentist."

So now I feel a little better about my retirement. I'll have at least one child either bringing in big bucks fixing teeth, or bringing in big bucks busting them. :o)

Take care. Stick.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Now You See What I'm up Against :o)

In my United States History classes, we have been discussing the second World War. As part of our unit, we spent almost an entire day talking about nuclear proliferation, its impact, and what the students thought should be done about it.

We also have several of my female students (juniors), who are involved in the Junior Miss program. This is similar to the Miss USA pagaent, where the girls can earn scholarships for college in different categories. One of the competitions that is included is the solo interview. Each girl is brought before a panel and asked questions about different topics, and they are graded on their poise, clarity, answers, etc. One of these girls mentioned that in her interview, she was asked, "What do you think about the possibility that North Korea and others might have the capability to make a nuclear bomb, and the proliferation of these weapons in the World?" After an entire day spent on this very topic, her answer for the panel, "It's bad."

Shake your head, and walk away.

Take care. Stick.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Yet Again...

Some people might think that I just sit around and write poems, but I really don't. I just decided to post several that I have written over the years. So here's another one. :o)

A Gift Given

A gift has been given
A debt is now owed.
None who are living,
Can lighten the load.

The debtor unshriven,
Seeks to repay,
That which was given,
Before end of day.

But what price to restore,
Who owes such a debt?
Who should we implore,
So none will forget?

And so comes to mind,
A pattern--a way.
To give back in kind,
Or so the songs say.

Give a part of yourself,
For a gift made with skill,
Pay not with pelf,
For no coin fills the bill.

The gift that was given,
The debt that was owed,
Is paid by the living,
A gift not bought with gold.

And so comes the answer,
To give in return,
A gift that will stir,
And make the heart yearn.

A gift made with your hands,
To give part of your soul,
Will meet the demands,
And make patterns whole.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Another ...

I told My sister I was going to post this.


People sometimes ask me why I sing
My answer is not simply just one thing.
My voice is raised in song time and again,
For the listening of common man and Thane.

Some people sing a song to show they're brave.
Some will sing when those are in their grave.
Others sing whenever they're in love,
Or to thank God who blesses from above.

If you can sing a song with strength and power.
You can bring happiness to all by the hour.
To sing a song with emotion in your voice,
Can help others because of that wise choice.

And so I sing out loud when I am glad.
I sing songs soft and low when I am sad.
I sing to raise the hopes of those that hear.
I sing to celebrate all I hold dear.

Oh, sing a song for joy,
Sing it now for sorrow.
Sing your song for each girl and boy,
For you may not be around to sing tomorrow.