Sunday, April 1, 2007

Another ...

I told My sister I was going to post this.


People sometimes ask me why I sing
My answer is not simply just one thing.
My voice is raised in song time and again,
For the listening of common man and Thane.

Some people sing a song to show they're brave.
Some will sing when those are in their grave.
Others sing whenever they're in love,
Or to thank God who blesses from above.

If you can sing a song with strength and power.
You can bring happiness to all by the hour.
To sing a song with emotion in your voice,
Can help others because of that wise choice.

And so I sing out loud when I am glad.
I sing songs soft and low when I am sad.
I sing to raise the hopes of those that hear.
I sing to celebrate all I hold dear.

Oh, sing a song for joy,
Sing it now for sorrow.
Sing your song for each girl and boy,
For you may not be around to sing tomorrow.

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