Thursday, March 29, 2007

"I Remember When..."

I am old enough that I remember some of the early TV shows and movies. My father and mother were especially fond of old movies, so I grew up watching right along with them. There was one old movie in particular called "Thirteen Ghosts". It was in black and white, and I could never watch it all the way through, because it was too "scary". I have seen that movie now as an adult (and it has been remade into a modern horror flick), and the original seems so corny to me now as to be laughable. I wonder how I could have ever been frightened by this film.

I think this is a commentary on our society. We seem to have a need for more reality, more blood, more horror, and more violence. Maybe if we could get back to the times when the corny black and white movies were scary again, we could get away from some of the actual violence taking place on our streets.

Something to think about. Take care. Stick

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Delirious said...

I have this really vivid memory of how whenever you watched scary movies, you would hold a pillow. If it got to scary, you would hide your eyes behind the pillow.
That's okay, I was watching a show the other night and screamed in a scary part.