Friday, March 2, 2007

They come in three's...Watch out!

My sister just wrote in her blog yesterday that she had to change a flat tire for the first time. She Jinxed me! I have not had to change a flat for a while, but yesterday I did. I had cleaned out the bed of my truck to make room for a bunch of garbage from our remodel, then took the load to the dump. When I got there, one of the guys there said that my front tire was going down. I looked at it, then went around to dump my stuff. By the time I went to get back in the truck, my tire was almost completely flat. I limped it on up to the pavement by the dump office to change the tire. I started getting out the jack, when I suddenly realized that one of the things that got taken out of my truck before loading it with garbage, was my lug wrench! I went up to the office, and borrowed their phone to call my daughter who was at home. I asked her to get the lug wrench, and my floor jack and bring them to me. She walked out to the garage while talking to me, found the lug wrench, but said, "The floor jack is covered with spider webs, I'm not touching it!" I told her to bring the lug wrench, and I would make do with the jack I had. She arrived a little while later, gave me the wrench , and then left quickly--Too quickly! I went to get my spare down, and found that it too was flat! By this time it was almost closing time for the dump. I called her to come back down to get me and the flat tire so we could go get a new tire. After I hung up, I went back out, put my flat tire back on the truck, moved the truck carefully to just outside the gate for the dump, jacked the truck back up, and took the tire off again just as she pulled up. After a quick trip to the tire place, and back, I finally got the new tire on, and drove home. My quick trip to the dump cost me $67 and an hour and a half.

The motto--Be prepared! Take care. Stick

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