Sunday, February 28, 2010

Something New Has Been Added

My second daughter, R, decided that she needed a car for when she goes to college next fall. She has been working this school year and saving her money. So......

She just bought a 2007 Dodge Caliber. It is a cute little front wheel drive SUV. It has four doors, and will seat Five (four comfortably), with a decent sized cargo area in back. It is supposed to get 30 MPG highway. It has a nice stereo that she can plug her MP3 directly into, and handles well. I will TRY to post a picture of what it looks like. :o)

I hope that she is happy with it, and that it gives her many years of service. I also hope she is able to continue making the payments, for my credit score sake. :o)

Hang in there. Drive safe. Stick.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Where's My Spell and Grammar Check Button?

I have just started a long term subbing position at our High School. This position entails teaching freshman and junior Language classes. The teacher just went on leave to have a baby (which was born yesterday morning at 7:45 am. Mother and child are doing fine). She ladi out 8 weeks of lessons that she wants me to cover--no problem. She wants to check in periodically during her time off to see how things are going--no problem. I have to grade all the papers and work turned in while she is gone--PROBLEM! I hate grading English papers!

My wife teaches reading, writing, and math at the 6th grade level. She uses a computer program that tells the students what they have done wrong on their paper. It counts up spelling and grammar errors, and suggests changes that could be made. The students have the choice to leave their story as written, or make the changes. When they are done, the teacher can hit a submit button, and this porgram will check it for errors, and cross check it for plagiarism. All the teacher has to do is read through the error sheet and assign a grade. Unfortunately, I don't have access to that program for the High School.

Guess I'll have to do it the old-fashioned way.

Wish me luck. Have a great day. Stick.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pink, Heart-Shaped Pancakes

One of my favorite memories of growing up was my mom's pancakes. We didn't often have time for this kind of breakfast, but occasionally, and on special holidays, she would make a big breakfast for us, including pancakes. On those days, she would sometimes make different shapes of pancake. Trains, hearts, shamrocks, etc. depending on the day or occasion, or on our creative suggestions. Turtles and rabbits sprang to life on the griddle, all to be consumed with butter and jam, or syrup (usually made from brown sugar and water, rarely store bought).

I have taken this tradition forward into my family. Valentines day sees us eating pink heart-shaped pancakes. St. Patrick's day gets green shamrocks. Easter finds us eating egg, or bunny, shaped pancakes, and at Christmas we are consuming ornaments and stockings. I have even learned how to make a smily face pancake. See me for the secret. :o)

I hope that this tradition carries on to my children and grandchildren(Just not too soon!). I would hate to think that somewhere down the line, one of our prodgeny missed the opportunity to eat a pink, heart-shaped valentine pancake. Think of the memories they would miss out on.

Take care. Share. Stick.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Un-Spoken Word

Our oldest daughter inspired this poem. I'm not sure I like the ending yet, but here it is.

I should have said, “I love you,”
But I kept the words inside.
I should have said, “Good job,”
But I can’t say that I tried.
So many words unspoken
Too many non-replies
A simple “thank you” would have been fine,
And such a nice surprise.

How often have we passed
Without a single word,
When a thought, or two, of praise
Would not have seemed absurd.
Too many times we’ve chosen
To let the world pass us by
When we could become a part of it,
Instead of asking why?

Why do we let our friends and kin
Go on throughout each day,
Without telling them, “I love you,”
As if that’s so difficult to say.
There will come a time
When they won’t be around,
And then we’ll wish we’d said it twice,
If only for the sound.

Don’t let the moment slip on by,
Make every moment count.
You’ll increase the joy you have
By such a great amount.
Don’t wait another hour.
Don’t wait another day.
Let those around know how you feel,
It’s the greatest type of pay.

Take care. Stick.


You'll probably neve guess what inspired this one.

I lie awake and stare at the wall across the room.
I wonder what I’ve done to bring on this kind of doom.

My partner lies beside me, snoring away in solemn bliss.
Their sleep is yet untroubled as if nothing is amiss.

The minutes and the hours slip away into the night,
But my mind seems to think that something isn’t right.

I tried a glass of milk warmed gently for my cup.
I read a book, took a walk, and propped my head right up.

I counted all the sheep ever raised in county Glen,
And still could not drop off to sleep, so I took up my pen.

I thought that I could use the time to write to all my kin,
But found that my sleep-fogged brain had not a thought within.

And still I lay un-sleeping, while those around me are at rest.
If Morpheus would take me, I’d sleep right with the best.

The clock upon the wall takes no note of my distress,
And has slowed its working movement to half-rate--maybe less.

My tired eyes are burning, and I wish that they would close,
So that I could end my yearning, and slip into a calm repose.

The ticking of the clock on the wall beside my bed
Echoes like a tympani booming round inside my head.

One o’ clock, two o’ clock, then three slips slowly by.
I think if I see four, I’ll just break down and cry.

Then, suddenly it’s morning, and the bell is calling.
I think that this is by far the most appalling thing.

Have a great night. Stick.