Friday, May 30, 2008

Illegal or Not?

Recently, we have been discussing teenagers, crime, and punishment in my classes at the High School. Almost every student in those classes made the comment during our discussion that nothing is illegal if you don’t get caught. Many of them also said that the cops couldn’t catch them anyway, because they were too fast.

Somewhere down the road, I hope they learn how wrong this attitude is, and that we all have responsibility for our actions. They don’t see how their actions now will affect their future lives, and don’t understand personal morals and self-discipline. Their motto is, If it feels good, do it, illegal or not. They say that everyone does drugs and has sex. Why not? There’s nothing wrong with it.

I have told many students that within five years their view could possibly change, and then what will they do about their actions now. They cannot seem to comprehend a time when they might regret their current lifestyle choice.

This morning, two of these students are in jail. I’m not sure what the actual charges are, but I can’t help but wonder if this will be the thing that changes their attitudes, or will they still maintain that anything goes. Hard to say.

Take care. Stick.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Just for Fun!“

“There was a blacksmith by the name of John
Who had one leg, for the other was gone.
There was only one eye in his balding head,
But he said it didn’t matter, for he’d soon be dead.
He said it didn’t matter for he’d soon be dead

He had a dog, that he called True Blue,
That sat in the door in full plain view.
It matched its master with a hind leg gone,
And gnawed on the bone when it was alone.
It gnawed on the bone when it was alone.

Now the two of them made quite a pair,
As they worked and lay in that Smithy there,
But when it came of a Saturday night,
They went to the bar to get drunk and fight.
They went to the bar to get drunk and fight.

Then one night they met their match,
A lady named Sue and a cat called Scratch.
Nary a punch did either side throw,
But Sue left with John in tow.
Yes, Sue left with John in tow.

Now they live all together above John’s shop,
And of the alcohol they haven’t touched a drop.
Sue says they’re happy, and John nods his head,
He says it doesn’t matter, for he’ll soon be dead.
He says it doesn’t matter, for he’ll soon be dead.”

Have a great Day. Stick.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

This is not the dump!

In my job, I run a special classroom for academically challenged students who do not qualify for Special Education. I was told that this classroom was not being set up to handle behavior problems, but to help those students who needed help in coming up to grade level in different subjects. These students have lower level reading, math, or language scores, and are placed in my classroom to help them recover skills needed to succeed in their regular classroom.

This was the original concept. The reality came as they developed the classes. The students we acquired ended up being whatever discipline problem the teachers did not want in their class. Even when some of these students demonstrated that they had reached the program goals, and were ready to return to the normal classroom, the teacher would not take them back.

The latest addition to our little group is a young lady who has not been suiting out for PE, and as a result, she is failing that class. She can no longer pass PE regardless of what she does, so they are putting her into one of the sections. She is to “…work on established curriculum homework, or read an approved book…” She takes an “F” for her original class, but we must keep her working for the remainder of the school year. Great incentive.

They want to add another young man to one of my other section because, “He and the current teacher cannot seem to get along together.”

Boy, am I glad we’re not a dumping ground for discipline problems.

Take care. Stick.

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Here's my 6 word epitaph:

Mountain Man Born Out Of Time

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I got tagged by Nene for posting page 161 of a book I’m reading. I thought I would post two. The first is the book I’m reading. It is Tehanu by Ursula K. LeGuin.

“When I first saw you, I thought you were my son. You’re nothing alike, only in being tall, and thin, and young.”

The second is from the book that I am writing, Westar Rising.

The voice was followed by a small wiry man riding out of the forest on a sway-backed, crow-bit horse that surely must have been years beyond its time of useful service to anyone, in spite of the fact that the small man was riding it. How it had carried him this far was beyond Anthos’ comprehension. He rode with the barest of tack—a riding pad whose padding was coming out in numerous places, and a rope halter patched together from several different pieces of rope and string. The man himself was clothed in a similarly poor outfit. His shirt was the roughest of homespun, with patches dotting the elbows and elsewhere. What buttons were left on the shirt were mismatched, and seemed to hold on to the front with simple determination rather than the strength left in the thread that stretched between button and fabric. His pants had legs of different lengths due to the left cuff having been torn at some time from its accustomed home, and his shoes would have given nightmares to any cobbler. A rag of a hat topped off his ensemble, with its ragged edges shading his eyes and face just enough so that his features were concealed.