Friday, January 25, 2008

Author! Author!

If you have read my blog before this, you know that I am a bit of an amateur poet/songwriter. No don't wait for any of my stuff to be published, or hear one of my songs playing on the radio, it probably won't ever happen. Well, now I have branched out. I have had a story rolling around in my head like a BB in a swimming pool for about two years now, and so I've decided to write a book. I enjoy the Science Fiction/Fantasy genre, so that is the route I am taking. For a while at work, I have had too much spare time, and so had dedicated some of that time each day to writing. Iwas able to produce about a chapter a day for a while, but now things have picked up, and I find myself with less time to devote to writing. I still have 7 1/2 chapters done, averaging 1200 words per chapter, or about 4-5 paperback pages per chapter. I'm still moving right along, and so far have not had any writer's block. I have planned out enough material in my head to write 6-7 more chapters after the current one, but still don't really have a major conflict for my hero to overcome! Maybe I need to go live with my sister Inklings for a little while. Unfortunately she has conflicts to share, and they probably wouldn't fit in my story anyway.

Keep smilin'. Keep those creative juices flowing. Take Care. Stick

Friday, January 4, 2008

Proud as a Peacock

I don't usually blow my own horn, but I'm going to make an exception. I recently had to take a national test to certify myself as a highly qualified teacher in our new state of residence. This is a two hour, 133 question test. Each question is supposed to be worth 2 points, but the test makers have decided in all their wisdom, that certain questions need to be inserted into the test as control questions, questions that are supposed to be so obscure that most people won't have a clue what the right answer is, so they are not worth any points. What you end up with is a 200 point test, out of which you must score 158 as a minimum passing grade.

I really worried about this test, researched categories on the internet, and really tried to prepare myself for it. After taking the test, I felt like I had done well, at least achieving the minimum passing score.

I just got my grades back. I scored 190 out of 200, and even got many of the control questions right. The scores came with a certificate of excellence for placing in the top 15% of the nation. BY THE WAY, when my wife took the test similar to this for her certificate, she also received this certificate of merit. I hope some day I can figure out how I did it.

With a big sigh of relief, have a great day. Stick.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

"I Think I've been here before.."

We are once again in the process of fixing up a house. I think this must be how some people view purgatory. Always working towards a goal, and never reaching it. We had many years of work into our home in Washington, then moved. Two more years of hard work in American Falls, and then wew moved. Now here we are in Rock Springs, and once again looking ot fix up a house. We have already painted the living room, installed a heating vent, sheetrocked a ceiling, installed a light switch, put up a new light fixture, and put in a new beautiful mantle over the fireplace. We have several more projects already planned. WHEN DOES IT END?

Just asking. Stick.