Friday, July 10, 2009

The Honey Do List is Getting Shorter

Since my wife and I are teachers, we have the luxury of having summers off. (This may change for me after this year). We get so busy during the rest of the year, that there is little time for major projects around the house, so we start a list of things we want to do once school lets out. This year that list has included: completing the construction of our storage shed; fixing our dryer; doing the backlog of laundry; organizing a storage room downstairs; cleaning out the garage; moving my workbench in the garage to a different wall; putting in a sprinkler system; painting our bathroom ceiling; painting our kitchen; and putting a door from our kitchen into the garage.

It makes me tired just looking at that list. However, little by little, working together, we have slowly completed many of those items. Granted, the sprinkler system trench is not finished yet, and the garage still needs some cleaning, but we painted the bathroom ceiling, and are painting the kitchen today. I hope we get the door in before winter, but I won't hold my breath. Once Fall arrives, and the plants are bare root, I need to add to that list, and move some lilac bushes, but one list at a time.

Here's hoping your list is getting smaller too. Take care. Stick.