Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mr. Giggles Rides Again (with us)

While we were in SLC today. we were able to meet , have lunch with, and visit with Mr. Giggles (my younger brother). It was great to see him, and catch up on what is happening in his life. He has become my inspiration right now, because he has lost 30 pounds now in his effort to live a healthier life. I applaud his efforts (he looks great!), and am going to work to follow his example. I was losing weight for a while, but since quitting my second job, I have put some of that weight back on. I am determined to lose it again, and more.

Let's go Bro'! Lose it! Stick.

Deer, is that you?

We went to SLC again today. We saw deer all along our route again. I believe this area must be a winter range for the deer, and we just hadn't seen them before, since wew have tried to avoid long winter drives in the past years. Fun to see though! (Including the big 5/6 buck right by the roadside.)

Hang in there. Stick.

Alternating Problems

I noticed th last few days that my car battery light was coming on, in the van, when I would start it up in the morning. I just thought it was the cold weather, and figured that I would put it on the charger this weekend. However, on Wednesday mornings, my wife drives the van, and I take her vehicle to work. She had the van die on her that afternoon, while she was clear across town, and trying to get our oldest son to a dentist appointment on time. (They made it thanks to a daughter with a car). When I got back to town, we went to get the van. It started, so I drove it straight to where we bought the battery last summer. I JUST made it there before it died again. The battery had a bad cell, BUT the car also had a bad alternator. We bought the new part, and I put it in Thursday afternoon..evening..both. Getting the alternator out and in, wasn't the problem. Getting the stupid belt back on was! The area around the belt is so narrow, I couldn't get my arms down in to align the belt properly. After two hours of trying, my youngest son, with skinny arms, came out and helped me. Twenty minutes later, we were done. Thank you son!

I just need to pause before I end to recognize the blessings of the Lord here. Yes, our vehicle broke down, and we had to repair it. However, We had the money to do so right now, I was able to do it , with my son's help, and no one got stranded somewhere wout in the middle of nowhere. We were able to get the van to where the problem could be diagnosed--for free, and then were able to drive it to our house--all without any real problems.

Pay attention to the small blessings, and the not so small. Stick.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Ballad of the Coyote

This poem is based on a true story, but told from the coyote's perspective. :o)

-Variously know as:
• The Coyote’s Lament
• Bluecipher’s Revenge and
• Teresa’s Tale
By Stick

We were barely scratchin’ out a livin’
Amidst the bustle and the din,
On the fringes of the city—
It seemed we couldn’t win.
It took a lot of hustle
To find enough to eat,
So when we found easy pickin’s
That just can’t be beat.
There were two of them together,
One for my brother, and one for me,
Well-fed, and plump, and juicy,
And runnin’ loose and free.
I chose the first one,
With stockings all of black,
And my brother took the other,
As we started our attack.
We thought that we would take
Both of them by surprise,
But as I bit down, he spun,
And scratched right at my eyes!
I tried still to hold him,
Going in for the kill,
But that cat was like a demon,
So we took off down the hill.
We’d share the one we had,
While we looked for easier fare.
As we ran away,
Pretending we didn’t care.
Then out of nowhere,
We heard a scream, a yell,
And looked up to see a vision
That came straight out of …well,
We saw a warrior charging,
Like a Valkyrie from the mist.
Roaring down upon us—eyes blazing
Shaking a slender fist.
The shock alone of that sight
Was enough to make me quail.
My brother dropped his prey, and ran,
And all she saw was tail.
We looked back as we ran,
And saw her lift our victim up,
And blow the breath of life into
Him on whom we’d thought to sup.
Her body gleaming in the moonlight,
She took our former meal away,
And we tucked our tails beneath us
Awaiting another day.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pardon me, Have you seen my Brain?

Have you ever met someone who is a very intelligent person, but can lose their socks while wearing their shoes? This is my youngest daughter. Sometimes. Recently, she received her driver's license, and to celebrate, she went and bought a new wallet to keep it in. She promptly lost the wallet, the new license, and her mother's debit card. A month or so later, a friend found the wallet at their house (after we had replaced the debit card of course). She is constantly putting her phone down, and then can't remember where she put it. ( I admit, I do this with my glasses, but as my kids keep reminding me, I am getting older). :o)

Yesterday, my wife and I were driving back from SLC. This daughter had driven with some friends to see the Elk herds on their winter range near Jackson Hole. We suddenly got a phone call from our daughter's phone. Not unusual. Only she wasn't the one on the phone!
"Excuse me, but the owner of this phone left her phone and her wallet in my store in Jackson Hole."
A twofer! She left both! Luckily, she and her friends had not left Jackson Hole yet, and when they received our text message (her friend didn't answer the phone), they were able to return to the store and retrieve her property.
They say that people do this kind of thing because they have so much on their mind--so many things they are thinking about--that small details sometimes escape them (I'm sure that is the case with me) :o) I can only hope that she grows out of it. I can't afford to lose a car.

Maybe we'll try Ginkgo Beloba. Stick.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

What do the Deer Know That We Don't?

My wife and I drove to SLC today. There was the threat of a snow storm all day, and we worried what our drive home would be like. Luckily, we only hit a couple of small squalls, and had very good roads. However, as we drove home, we passed hundred's of deer and antelope along the side of the road. We usually see a few deer through this stretch, but today they were everywhere! In every field, for about 50 miles, we saw large herds of deer. I have not seen this many deer in years. I don't know why there were so many so close to the road, but I wondered if they knew there was a bigger storm coming that we didn't know about.

Watch For Deer on the road. Stick.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Remembering a Great Man

My wife and I were sitting in a basketball game Friday night, when we received a phone call from here sister.
"Just thought I'd tell you I'm on my way."
"On your way where?"
"To the funeral."
"Whose funeral?"

It turned out that her dad's cousin, who they have always called 'Uncle Scott', had passed away a few days previously. We came home, packed a quick bag, and drove to the funeral, arriving at 2:20 in the morning. He was 88 years old, and was preceded two years ago by his wife. They raised 8 children, and had numerous grandchildren, and great grandchildren. The greats all sang a song at the close of the funeral, and there were close to thirty of them. The immediate family alone filled the main chapel area of the church, and the overflow area out inot the cultural hall were also filled. He served a mission for his church (companion to Elder Marion Hanks), served in the navy, and was friend to everyone he met.

He had a way of greeting you, as if he already knew you, and a handshake that could crush rock to gravel. :o) The funeral celebrated his life, with little sadness--just joy in the knowledge he was with his wife, and had lived a full, good life. He will be missed, but not forgotten.

I only hope the same will be said of me. Take care. Stick.

Monday, January 3, 2011


We have been thinking about trading in our Yukon for a slightly smaller vehicle, with a smaller payment. We still want four wheel drive, and some of our other accessories, , and we're not in a big hurry to do this. Any recommendations? We have looked at the Dodge Durango, and a few others.