Sunday, October 30, 2016

We just traded our 2011 Traverse in, and bought a 2014 Ford F-150 Platinum edition.  We REALLY like this truck.  We have to.  We are going to own it for a LONG time. Every time we get in the truck to go somewhere, we find out something new about it.  You need a degree just in how to operate it, but we still like it.  It keeps our brains active, at least they say that's what puzzles do.  It is Tuxedo Black, with the platinum stripe on the tailgate. I'll add pictures later.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Been a While

It has been way too long since I wrote here.  I have felt like I need to write more often.  Since I last wrote, my two sons have both graduated from high school, my youngest daughter has graduated from junior college, my oldest daughter has given birth to our third grandchild, and my third daughter is expecting number four. Since so much has happened, I think I will be writing a series of posts to bring things up to date. I may even backtrack and write some of my early memories as I have done before. Look for more to come.  Hang in there.  Stick.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Our Driving Tour of Central Wyoming

We had an interesting day today.  We went on a driving tour of Central Wyoming.  We didn't plan to do it, it just happened.

We were in Greybull, Wyoming this weekend for a family reunion.  When we got up this morning, we planned to eat breakfast, pack, and leave so we could get back to Rock Springs early. Right. This is a drive of just over 4 hours.  Normally.

When we got to Thermopolis, we noticed a flashing yellow highway sign.  WIND RIVER CANYON CLOSED.  This canyon connects Northern Wyoming to Southern Wyoming.  Look at a map. No. Other. Direct. Route.  We were told there had been a snow and a rock slide that closed the canyon.  We were also told that Highway 14 towards Yellowstone was also closed due to rock slides.  The ONLY other route took us back 30 miles North, 100 miles East, then 200 miles South, and finally 100 miles West.  Our just over 4 hour drive--now 9 1/2 hours.  We drove through rain, past a 3 car accident in the mountains that had traffic doing 20 mph, through a blizzard, and more rain before we finally got home.

We are grateful to be home safely, and we don't plan on repeating the trip any time soon.  Drive careful, and have a great day.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Mare
           By Stick
I saw a gang of wild ponies
Out on the prairie sward,
With a coal black stallion,
Who was leading on the horde.
He had one white stocking
And a star upon his head,
With mares and colts a'plenty
All hale and quite well fed.

He moved them like a general
To keep them safe and whole
Leading them to new pastures,
Safe havens to raise each foal.
They were made up of every color
From blonde and chestnut, to mousy gray,
And they gathered all close together,
To be safe at the end of day.

But there was one lone mare
Who stood off from all the rest.
She didn’t join the herd
Just stared towards the west.
She was a sway-back pinto,
Whose ribs stood out bare enough to count,
And it seemed like the next strong breeze
Would be more than she could surmount.

Yet I saw her every day
Throughout the Spring and Fall,
And each day I was surprised
To still see her standing tall.
It seemed to me she was waiting,
But for what, I could not tell.
A friend, a mate—I was not sure—
Or maybe heaven’s clarion bell.

I looked for her when winter broke,
And the snow and ice were gone.
I found the herd, new foals and all,
Running through the desert dawn.
The mob was all still standing,
But of the mare, there was no sight
Perhaps she found what she was looking for

Out in the desert night.
The Sharp Edge
         By Stick

I got a knife
When I was just a lad
It had three blades
Just like the one dad had
I've kept it in my pocket
For nigh on fifty years
And tho' it's drawn some blood
It's never caused shed tears.
My grandpa always taught me
To keep it sharp and clean
For a dull knife cuts no wood,
So the blades should all be keen.

I learned truth and honor
When I was just a lad
I was taught to always keep them,
Just like my father had.
I've kept them in my heart
For nigh on fifty years
And though it's caused no harm
It has caused a few shed tears.
My grandpa always taught me
Not to cheat and not to lie
For a liar has no honor,
So stay true until you die

Monday, February 23, 2015

The Plan
          By Stick
How oft has the sculptor
Started out to mold
Without first deciding
The shape the piece would hold.
Or the painter at the easel,
With pen or brush in hand
Who begins to sketch
Without a single plan.

Why would you think then
That this world which we call home
Came about through simple chance
As go the thoughts of some.
With all the symmetry and beauty
That exists for all to see
There must have been some greater plan
When this planet came to be.

No, God in all his wisdom,
The creator and master of all,
Was the architect and builder
Who designed all things great and small.
He molded every mountain
Sketched out each flower and tree
He even took the time
To sketch a plan for you and me.

If the world seems ready to doubt you
And the clouds are rolling in
Or if someone tells you you're nothing
And that you will never win.
You might be down and out,
And unsure of what to do,
But remember that there's a plan for you
That your creator created for you.

Friday, July 4, 2014

My one and only take on women and the priesthood

If you are a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and you believe this is God's church.  And, if you believe that this church is led by a prophet of God, who leads the church with inspiration and revelation.  Then, if that prophet says that women in the church will not receive, and do not even need the priesthood, that should be the end of it.  If you do not believe that he is a prophet, then why are you in the church to begin with, and why would you want the priesthood in a church that you don't even believe in?  The want to have the priesthood has to be driven by some other idea--political, social, or whatever.  Why would you want to change something that you say you believe to be true and inspired by God.  I will not respond to any comments on this issue, because for me and this issue, there is no issue, because I believe.