Sunday, October 28, 2012

The worst Happiest day of her life

Last night, we held the wedding reception for my oldest daughter and her new husband. It was a comedy of errors on our part, brought on by extenuating circumstances, which could have ended up much worse than it did, though it was bad enough as it was.
First, we were a little confused as to when she wanted this to start. She told one group 5 pm, and on her facebook invitation, she put 6:30. Then, on the invitations, (which we did not get), she said 6 pm. We finally got everything ready at 6:30. :0(
Second, my wife went through two emergency surgeries last weekend (just after the wedding), so she was not able to do everything she would have normally been able to do.
Third, eveyone underestimated the time it would take to do everything that needed to be done. One example-- the wedding cake did not get finished until an hour after the reception started. Nobody's fault, it just took longer due to little things.
Then, the groom found out that he had tforgotten his shirt. The first guests showed up while he was still gone to retrieve it.
In spite of all of this, it turned out fine. Everything was in place by the end of the reception, and everyone who came seemed to enjoy themselves--except the bride. Well maybe by the end. At leats she will never forget it. She might even forgive us eventually.

Keep smiling. Hang in there. Stick.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

What's in your Pocket?

My sister Delirious, who blogs on Life on a Limb, posted this idea, so I thought I would send it along.  In my pocket:
Keys to my classroom
Keys to my vehicle
cell phone
and a pocket knife.
I usually carry at least one set of keys, but sometimes two because of my school keys.  The chapstick depends on the time of year, since I don't always need or use it.  The cell phone seems to have become a necessity, especially since we got rid of our house phone.  However, the one thing I almost always have in my pocket is a pocketknife.  I have carried at least one since I was around eight years old.  The way I was raised, it was something you just did.  Today's kids may miss out on this.  They can't carry a knife to school, because the fed has decided that they aren't responsible enough to do so.  They will stab someone with that little 2 inch knife blade.  Forget the fact that if a kid is going to stab someone with a knife, they don't care if it is against the rules, and they won't use a little 2 inch blade.  While it may be true that a kid could use a knife like this in a crime of opportunity on the spur of the moment, it never really happened in my 12 years of public school.  I hope the time comes when my kids, grandkids, or their kids can once again know the pleasure of carrying a small knife in their pocket.  You never know when you might need it, and there is no prouder 9 year old, than the one who pulls out HIS knife for dad to use.

So, what's in your pocket?  Stick.

Friday, September 21, 2012

A Man A Plan....A Wedding?

We are going shopping for a wedding dress tomorrow for the upcoming wedding of our oldest daughter.  We were supposed to go this afternoon,but she has decided that they cannot be seperated for any length of time at all, if she can help it.  Not.  At.  All.  She went shopping for a new bra tonight, and he had to go.  I don't know what shopping for a dress is going to be like.  Whatever happened to the groom not seeing the bride in her dress before the wedding?  We don't believe in the bad luck part of it, but realistically neither he nor I will have any say it what dress she ultimately picks.  I'm just the chaffeur and money man, he'll just be there  to hold her hand I guess.  We'll get through this, and so will she.  Then we'll  have 2 down with 2 to go.

Hang in there.  Keep smiling.  Stick.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Catching Up

The tree is down to just the main trunk. It still doesn't want to die, and keeps putting out new branches. We want to take it down an end table height and put a chess/checkerboard on top of it. Next summer we want to create a small patio out front to include this area. My third daughter traded her F150 for a new car, a Subaru Legacy. My oldest daughter is engaged to be married in November. Had a great summer vacation, and visited with most of my family. Found out I have fractures in my lower back at L4-L5. Trying to lose weight and am down 10 pounds. Wrote a new poem:

I thought I'd go a-huntin'
Out past Grandpa's old field
To see what I could fetch us
Before the morning bells all pealed.

I staggered out of bed
At a quarter past four,
Stubbed my toe on the table,
And almost fell to the floor.

I limped into the kitchen,
And pulled on my socks and shoes,
Rubbed the sleep from my eyes,
And massaged my brand-new bruise.

A good breakfast was in order
To prepare me for the day,
So eggs and bacon and a tater
Were soon on the way.

I thought some pan biscuits
And some milk would go down fine,
So I sleepily scratched some up,
And still had loads of time.

But in my distraction,
The spuds and bacon both burned black
Yet somehow the eggs
Remained runny, raw, and slack.

The biscuits were crisp and brown
And looked sure to delight,
But I'd used talc instead of soda,
So the taste just wasn't right.

I needed a tall, cold drink
To wash that biscuit down,
So grabbed a cup from the cupboard
With my face fixed in a frown.

I poured a tall glass of milk
Skimmin' off the heavy cream,
But the milk had turned to sour
And I thought that I would scream.

I grabbed my shotgun off the wall
And headed for the door
Then tripped on the curled up rug
Layin'n on the floor.

As the clock on the mantle
Started chimin' out the hour
I put up the gun in exasperation
And headed for the shower.

It was plain to me that huntin'
This mornin' wasn't meant to be,
And that I'd better call it off,
Or see the end of me!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring cleaning

My third daughter is out of town, but her Ford f-150 is not. So, while she is gone, I took the opportunity to "borrow" it. I loaded up a big load of garbage and took it to the dump, including someone's Christmas tree that the wind delivered to our driveway. Then, I went and washed her truck for her. (I later found out she wanted it muddy. :0(. ) When I got back, my wife had been out raking the yard, so I cleaned up the pile. As I was looking at the yard, I saw that our big garbage tree out front had dropped its normal compliment of limbs all over the place. We have been threatening to take this tree down for a couple of years now, so I started taking off limbs. An hour later, some of the tree was down, but so was I. I was beat. I'm sure I'll eventually get it done, but for now, it can stay where it is.

Kick your feet up, and relax. Take are. Stick.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

I'm Be-friended and Be-fuddled

Facebook has ruined my blogging life. It's true. Although I have never been as faithful of a blogger as many people I know, I would still blog on a steady basis. Now, if I have somethingo say, I tend to Facebook it. It's not that I think that Facebook is a better forum for my thoughts, it just seems to be easier. However it also doesn't seem as permanent. Maybe that is why I do it. Maybe blogging feels like I really mean what I write, while Facebook is just a passing comment that isn't as important. I think Facebook is for that instant contact with someone. It is the quick gratification that our society wants anymore. Instant oatmeal, cooked in a microwave. That's what Facebook is, instant oatmeal for the Blogging soul. I'm not worried about offending any of my Facebook friends with this post. They are all over there, near the microwave, waiting for their oatmeal.

Have a great day. Stick.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Truckin' Woes

My oldest daughter has a Ford Fusion,front wheel drive. She was working 15 miles away down I80. It was snowing. She decided to borrow her sister's 4x4 Nissan Titan to drive fto work. Getting on the Interstate, she hit a patch of black ice while in 2 wheel drive. She spun out,hit the lane barrier, and totaled her sister's truck. No one was seriously hurt. The insurance, plus hthe gap insurance is going to pay for the vehicle,and is suposed to pay the deductible, plus $1000 towards the next vehicle. My fingers are crossed. Hang in rhere. Drive safe. Stick.