Sunday, October 28, 2012

The worst Happiest day of her life

Last night, we held the wedding reception for my oldest daughter and her new husband. It was a comedy of errors on our part, brought on by extenuating circumstances, which could have ended up much worse than it did, though it was bad enough as it was.
First, we were a little confused as to when she wanted this to start. She told one group 5 pm, and on her facebook invitation, she put 6:30. Then, on the invitations, (which we did not get), she said 6 pm. We finally got everything ready at 6:30. :0(
Second, my wife went through two emergency surgeries last weekend (just after the wedding), so she was not able to do everything she would have normally been able to do.
Third, eveyone underestimated the time it would take to do everything that needed to be done. One example-- the wedding cake did not get finished until an hour after the reception started. Nobody's fault, it just took longer due to little things.
Then, the groom found out that he had tforgotten his shirt. The first guests showed up while he was still gone to retrieve it.
In spite of all of this, it turned out fine. Everything was in place by the end of the reception, and everyone who came seemed to enjoy themselves--except the bride. Well maybe by the end. At leats she will never forget it. She might even forgive us eventually.

Keep smiling. Hang in there. Stick.


Delirious said...

This might not be any consolation, but I bet that if she were to help with another reception, she would remember these little details and the next one would go more smoothly. We learn by doing, right? :) Glad it all turned out. Sorry the Mrs. has had such a rough time!!

Inklings said...

She'll laugh about it years from now. The important part is the marriage, anyway. :0)

Nene said...

I'm sure they're just happy they're married and everything is over with!