Sunday, June 26, 2011

PDA-- On Steroids!

For several years I have had a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) that I have carried for reading, playing games, and keeping track of appointments. I went form a very basic model, to my latest, which is a Palm TX handheld PC. As of my last post, I now have an IPAD. I am just starting to scratch the surface of what this can do, but I can already tell you, THIS IS GREAT! It is like a Palm on steroids. Much faster, more capacity, cleaner apps, easier to use, the works! The only thing I miss so far are the books I had on my palm. I have downloaded a few books, but I had hundreds of books on my palm. Now, there are hundreds of books available for the IPAD, but many of them are inappropriate, or cost $$. Maybe there is an app out there for converting my palm books so I can read them on my IPAD. If not, I guess I'll just have to hang on to the palm for that purpose. For now, color me EXCITED!

Have a great day! Stick.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

And Now for Something Really Exciting.. Nothing up my Sleeve

I have been working some extra training days this summer to pay for something I have wanted for a while. I already have quite a few items downloaded, thanks to daughter #3's ITUNES account for her IPOD. I have the scriptures and several games. This has 16 GIGS of memory, and 3G with WIFI. I am really anxious to learn how to use this to its potential. My wife is also working some extra training days to get one as well. So far, I LOVE IT!

Have a great day! Stick

Something new has been added

We went car shopping today. Not for us. Our #3 daughter was looking for transport for work and college. This is what we found. She purchased (with our co-signature) a 2008, white Pontiac Torrent. It is a V-6, front wheel drive, with am/fm/CD, cruise and power windows and door locks. She is very excited! Now to pay for it.

Another day older and deeper in debt. Stick.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Wedding Marathon is Over

It began early Friday morning. We were off and running. We passed mile post after mile post of items on our checklist. Buy the food items needed for the reception. Bake 10 half sheets of brownies (of which we used 5). Frost and decorate as much of the wedding cake as we can do one day before the reception. Eat dinner, and treat the youngest son for heat exhaustion while in the restaurant. Decorate the room for the reception. Home to bed and fall asleep around 1 am. Get up at 4 dark 30, and get ready to leave for the wedding breakfast a three hour drive away. Eat breakfast quickly to be at the wedding location (Draper temple) 1 hour away from the restaurant where the breakfast was held. Hold the wedding (It was beautiful). Out at 2:15 to take pictures until 3:30. Get in the car and race the 3 hours back to where the reception is being held. Arrive at the reception location with the last few items 20 minutes before the reception is supposed to start (the bride and groom arrived with 5 minutes to spare). Meet, greet, and eat for 2 hours. Clean up for another hour. Home to put away the leftover food, and in bed by 11.

One down, 5 to go. Pictures to follow on facebook. :o)

Hang in there. Stick.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Somebody Wake Me--This IS A Nightmare

I got up this morning with a list of things I wanted to accomplish. First on my list was to swap out the bathroom vent/heater fan in our bathroom. Ten hours later, I still have work to do to finish the job. It turned into one thing after another to finish. I had to cut out a big square of sheet rock out of the ceiling to get the fan out, then I had to re-wire everything, because the new fan was wired on the opposite side. Then when I got it all up in the ceiling, the light didn't work! I couldn't figure it out. I tested the wiring, and found that the light only had power when the other lights in the room were off. I still don't know what is going on. I sheet rocked, and have put on the first layer of mud to seam it in. I'll figure out the power later. Maybe.

Good luck with YOUR honey-dos. Stick.