Sunday, June 26, 2011

PDA-- On Steroids!

For several years I have had a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) that I have carried for reading, playing games, and keeping track of appointments. I went form a very basic model, to my latest, which is a Palm TX handheld PC. As of my last post, I now have an IPAD. I am just starting to scratch the surface of what this can do, but I can already tell you, THIS IS GREAT! It is like a Palm on steroids. Much faster, more capacity, cleaner apps, easier to use, the works! The only thing I miss so far are the books I had on my palm. I have downloaded a few books, but I had hundreds of books on my palm. Now, there are hundreds of books available for the IPAD, but many of them are inappropriate, or cost $$. Maybe there is an app out there for converting my palm books so I can read them on my IPAD. If not, I guess I'll just have to hang on to the palm for that purpose. For now, color me EXCITED!

Have a great day! Stick.

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