Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring cleaning

My third daughter is out of town, but her Ford f-150 is not. So, while she is gone, I took the opportunity to "borrow" it. I loaded up a big load of garbage and took it to the dump, including someone's Christmas tree that the wind delivered to our driveway. Then, I went and washed her truck for her. (I later found out she wanted it muddy. :0(. ) When I got back, my wife had been out raking the yard, so I cleaned up the pile. As I was looking at the yard, I saw that our big garbage tree out front had dropped its normal compliment of limbs all over the place. We have been threatening to take this tree down for a couple of years now, so I started taking off limbs. An hour later, some of the tree was down, but so was I. I was beat. I'm sure I'll eventually get it done, but for now, it can stay where it is.

Kick your feet up, and relax. Take are. Stick.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

I'm Be-friended and Be-fuddled

Facebook has ruined my blogging life. It's true. Although I have never been as faithful of a blogger as many people I know, I would still blog on a steady basis. Now, if I have somethingo say, I tend to Facebook it. It's not that I think that Facebook is a better forum for my thoughts, it just seems to be easier. However it also doesn't seem as permanent. Maybe that is why I do it. Maybe blogging feels like I really mean what I write, while Facebook is just a passing comment that isn't as important. I think Facebook is for that instant contact with someone. It is the quick gratification that our society wants anymore. Instant oatmeal, cooked in a microwave. That's what Facebook is, instant oatmeal for the Blogging soul. I'm not worried about offending any of my Facebook friends with this post. They are all over there, near the microwave, waiting for their oatmeal.

Have a great day. Stick.