Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring cleaning

My third daughter is out of town, but her Ford f-150 is not. So, while she is gone, I took the opportunity to "borrow" it. I loaded up a big load of garbage and took it to the dump, including someone's Christmas tree that the wind delivered to our driveway. Then, I went and washed her truck for her. (I later found out she wanted it muddy. :0(. ) When I got back, my wife had been out raking the yard, so I cleaned up the pile. As I was looking at the yard, I saw that our big garbage tree out front had dropped its normal compliment of limbs all over the place. We have been threatening to take this tree down for a couple of years now, so I started taking off limbs. An hour later, some of the tree was down, but so was I. I was beat. I'm sure I'll eventually get it done, but for now, it can stay where it is.

Kick your feet up, and relax. Take are. Stick.

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