Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rabbit Hills and Other Mudholes

When we lived in Lubbock, a great event occurred in my life. I learned to ride a bicycle. Because the streets in Omaha had been so steep, I was always afraid to try learning how to ride. I was afraid I would end up in a bloody heap at the bottom of one of those hills.
In Lubbock , however, the streets were very flat and level. With a little encouragement, I learned to ride a bike, and soon was riding all over the area. One of our very favorite places to ride was a large field area located around a swampy pond. We called this area “Rabbit Hills”. We spent hours riding, building forts, hunting frogs and snakes, or just chasing each other around in that area. When it rained, this area became one huge mud hole. It didn’t stop us from riding there, but it did slow us down a little.

Our biggest haul came when we ventured into the swamp. We caught turtles and frogs by the dozens, and brought them home to turn loose in our backyard. We tried to pen them up in our sandbox, but it didn’t work. For years afterward, we would find one of those frogs, or the occasional turtle, when we mowed the lawn. (Yes, we found them THAT way). I felt like I was forced into another phase of my life when they cleared away that place, and began building homes there. It will always hold a place in my memory.

Take care, and remember the good times. Stick.

Steep tale

I remember growing up in Omaha, and the streets around our neighborhood were quite steep. We used to take advantage of those steep streets in many ways. In the winter, we would ride our sleds down the ice and snow covered streets. But in the summer, we would build go-carts, and race them down those steep inclines.

Those go-carts were masterpieces of jury-rig engineering. A 2 x 4 laid flat became the chassis, and two others became the axles. The rear axle was nailed in place so it didn’t move, while the front axle had a bolt pushed through an oversized hole to allow you to steer. Another board was nailed in place over the back axle as a seat, and a rope was knotted through two more oversized holes on the front axle as a steering wheel. Our brake was a board nailed on with one nail to the chassis. When you pulled on this board, it would drag on the ground and slow you down. Our emergency brake was the Fred Flintstone brake. You put both feet on the ground on either side, and hoped for the best.

I’m sure our Dad wondered what happened to all of his scrap lumber, because we were always looking for another board to build some project. We built forts, boats, and other sundry constructions. They didn’t always last long, but we always had fun.

Take care, and go have some fun. Stick.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wyoming Spring

Welcome to springtime in Wyoming. Yesterday, it was 60 degrees. Today, it snowed 4 inches, with forecast of more to come. If you don't like the weather, wait a minute, it will change. The worst part is that I have been trying to finish assembling our new storage shed, and now it will have to wait a while.

Looking for real spring. Stick

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Today, my wife and I have been married 22 years. We were married on thursday, April 16, 1987. Since then we have lived in three states, six cities, had six children, 10 vehicles, three houses, and more jobs than I can think of. We have served in bishoprics, presidencies, teaching positions, and more in the church. We have each completed at least one degree in college, and additional certifications.

I love her more every day, and look forward to the next 22 years.

Have a great day! Stick.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Fun?

My four girl's decided that they wanted new dresses for Easter. They wanted the same pattern with different material. The only problem, they didn't wnat to make them. They wanted mom to make them. So...(or sew) Mom has been sewing dresses for her spring break. They are almost all done now, but it has been a major production. All the dresses are flower prints, and they will wear similar colored shoes ($3 at Wal-Mart!) with matching tees and ribbons. We'll post a picture (maybe) when they are done.

Mom also decided the boys shouldn't be left out. She went and bought a red flowered print, and a pattern and is making ties for the three of us. We'll see if they get them all finished.

Happy Easter! Stick.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bubba's Hospital and Real Estate Agency

We took my oldest son to a nearby town for some minor surgery. He needed to have a tube put in his ear. Things went well, and we hope that this will end the problems he was having.

However, that said, I have to comment on our experience. This Doctor works out of the hospital in the town we went to. He gave us directions on how to get to the Hospital. Take a certain exit. Turn left. Follow the road out past the KFC, and turn when you get to the storage units. This hospital was out in the middle of nowhere.

I told my wife and kids, I can see the planning meeting for this hospital now. Some old farmer there, sits up and speaks. "Shoot, I haven't run any cows on the south 40 for a coon's age.' He pauses to roll the toothpick from one side of his mouth to the other. 'Might as well let Y'all use it fer yer hospital."

Whatever it was, we're glad things went well.

Take care. Stick.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bjorn who?

When I was in High School, I took up tennis. My friend and I spent at least two hours every day except Sunday playing the game. Within just a few months, we were the team to beat on any court we played on. We would challenge anyone, and usually won. High schoolers, college players--it didn't matter. I played tennis even when I had no one to play with. I would spend hours serving, beating the ball against the wall, or whatever I could do to try to improve my game.

Today, I went to play tennis with my two younger daughters and their friend. I had a good time. In my brain, I knew every move I needed to make, every shot that would win the point. Unfortunately, my tennis playing days were 30 years ago. I still did okay, but was frustrated at all of the shots that I missed. Balls I was just too slow to get to, shots that I turned my wrist just a little too far, or a little too short. I realize that if I played every day, like I did when I was 17, I could probably get some of that back, but I know deep down that it will never be the same as I remember. Maybe it never was. That's the advantage of memory. I still love the game though.

Stay young. Live in the present, not in your memory. Stick.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Couldn't resist

I saw this photo of an awesome paint job!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Just for Fun-click on the picture to see it bigger!

April Fools

My boys have had a ball today with April Fool's, but not more than when they came home after school. They were downstairs, and found some fake blood from Halloween. They pretended to be fighting with each other (so hard to tell the fake from the real, since they do fight so often), then they spread some of the fake blood around on their faces and came running upstairs yelling and chasing each other. The girls thought that one had bloodied the others nose, and that the one with the bloody nose was trying to wipe it on the other. The girls were totally grossed out. The boys yelled, "April Fool's", and laughed their heads off.

We love this day. Sticks.