Friday, September 21, 2012

A Man A Plan....A Wedding?

We are going shopping for a wedding dress tomorrow for the upcoming wedding of our oldest daughter.  We were supposed to go this afternoon,but she has decided that they cannot be seperated for any length of time at all, if she can help it.  Not.  At.  All.  She went shopping for a new bra tonight, and he had to go.  I don't know what shopping for a dress is going to be like.  Whatever happened to the groom not seeing the bride in her dress before the wedding?  We don't believe in the bad luck part of it, but realistically neither he nor I will have any say it what dress she ultimately picks.  I'm just the chaffeur and money man, he'll just be there  to hold her hand I guess.  We'll get through this, and so will she.  Then we'll  have 2 down with 2 to go.

Hang in there.  Keep smiling.  Stick.

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Nene said...

I know what you're going through after having done 5 weddings, so hang in there! We're so happy for her!