Saturday, January 22, 2011

What do the Deer Know That We Don't?

My wife and I drove to SLC today. There was the threat of a snow storm all day, and we worried what our drive home would be like. Luckily, we only hit a couple of small squalls, and had very good roads. However, as we drove home, we passed hundred's of deer and antelope along the side of the road. We usually see a few deer through this stretch, but today they were everywhere! In every field, for about 50 miles, we saw large herds of deer. I have not seen this many deer in years. I don't know why there were so many so close to the road, but I wondered if they knew there was a bigger storm coming that we didn't know about.

Watch For Deer on the road. Stick.

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Dee Ice Hole said...

Apparently the ansdwer was NO---my thought is that thye had not eated through the last storm and were out getting their lunch.