Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Ballad of the Coyote

This poem is based on a true story, but told from the coyote's perspective. :o)

-Variously know as:
• The Coyote’s Lament
• Bluecipher’s Revenge and
• Teresa’s Tale
By Stick

We were barely scratchin’ out a livin’
Amidst the bustle and the din,
On the fringes of the city—
It seemed we couldn’t win.
It took a lot of hustle
To find enough to eat,
So when we found easy pickin’s
That just can’t be beat.
There were two of them together,
One for my brother, and one for me,
Well-fed, and plump, and juicy,
And runnin’ loose and free.
I chose the first one,
With stockings all of black,
And my brother took the other,
As we started our attack.
We thought that we would take
Both of them by surprise,
But as I bit down, he spun,
And scratched right at my eyes!
I tried still to hold him,
Going in for the kill,
But that cat was like a demon,
So we took off down the hill.
We’d share the one we had,
While we looked for easier fare.
As we ran away,
Pretending we didn’t care.
Then out of nowhere,
We heard a scream, a yell,
And looked up to see a vision
That came straight out of …well,
We saw a warrior charging,
Like a Valkyrie from the mist.
Roaring down upon us—eyes blazing
Shaking a slender fist.
The shock alone of that sight
Was enough to make me quail.
My brother dropped his prey, and ran,
And all she saw was tail.
We looked back as we ran,
And saw her lift our victim up,
And blow the breath of life into
Him on whom we’d thought to sup.
Her body gleaming in the moonlight,
She took our former meal away,
And we tucked our tails beneath us
Awaiting another day.


Nene said...

So if another title of this "Teresa's Tale", is it a true tale?

Stick said...

Yes, this is a true stoey from Ann's sister. You really have to hear me tell the Funny version from Teresa's viewpoint to fully appreciate this. :o)