Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pink, Heart-Shaped Pancakes

One of my favorite memories of growing up was my mom's pancakes. We didn't often have time for this kind of breakfast, but occasionally, and on special holidays, she would make a big breakfast for us, including pancakes. On those days, she would sometimes make different shapes of pancake. Trains, hearts, shamrocks, etc. depending on the day or occasion, or on our creative suggestions. Turtles and rabbits sprang to life on the griddle, all to be consumed with butter and jam, or syrup (usually made from brown sugar and water, rarely store bought).

I have taken this tradition forward into my family. Valentines day sees us eating pink heart-shaped pancakes. St. Patrick's day gets green shamrocks. Easter finds us eating egg, or bunny, shaped pancakes, and at Christmas we are consuming ornaments and stockings. I have even learned how to make a smily face pancake. See me for the secret. :o)

I hope that this tradition carries on to my children and grandchildren(Just not too soon!). I would hate to think that somewhere down the line, one of our prodgeny missed the opportunity to eat a pink, heart-shaped valentine pancake. Think of the memories they would miss out on.

Take care. Share. Stick.


Delirious said...

I know how to make smiley faces. :) Probably learned from Mom. I saw an idea on a blog yesterday that I thought I would pass along. They bought a squeeze bottle from Walmart, like the kind that you would put ketchup or mustard in. They cut off the tip. They pour the pancake batter in there so that they can have more control when making shapes. Here is the blog post link:

Delirious said...

Oh, there was another post right before that one that told about the squeeze bottle, but I couldn't get it to pull up on it's own page. Here is the whole page link. You can scroll down and see both posts at once.

Nene said...

I agree - Mom may not have been the greatest cook in the world, but I LOVED her pancakes. I think one reason I loved her pancakes is because we didn't always have syrup. If we did have syrup, it was hot right off the stove. But mostly I liked the homemade jam (My favorite was peach or fig). Another of my favorite ways to eat pancakes was like Dad ate them when we didn't have syrup: with butter and sugar! Remember?

Stick said...

Yup, I remember Dad's sugar coated pancakes. I have tried them that way, but like Nene, I prefer mine with jam. Syrup to me was for waffles. pancakes get too soggy, but the crispy waffles stand up better to syrup.