Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Un-Spoken Word

Our oldest daughter inspired this poem. I'm not sure I like the ending yet, but here it is.

I should have said, “I love you,”
But I kept the words inside.
I should have said, “Good job,”
But I can’t say that I tried.
So many words unspoken
Too many non-replies
A simple “thank you” would have been fine,
And such a nice surprise.

How often have we passed
Without a single word,
When a thought, or two, of praise
Would not have seemed absurd.
Too many times we’ve chosen
To let the world pass us by
When we could become a part of it,
Instead of asking why?

Why do we let our friends and kin
Go on throughout each day,
Without telling them, “I love you,”
As if that’s so difficult to say.
There will come a time
When they won’t be around,
And then we’ll wish we’d said it twice,
If only for the sound.

Don’t let the moment slip on by,
Make every moment count.
You’ll increase the joy you have
By such a great amount.
Don’t wait another hour.
Don’t wait another day.
Let those around know how you feel,
It’s the greatest type of pay.

Take care. Stick.


Nene said...

I love it. Why don't you like the ending? I like it.

And by the way, I love you too. :0)
Thanks for reminding us to say it. You're right we need to say it more, even if the person we're saying it to knows that we love them.

Inklings said...

Great poem, great message!