Sunday, February 28, 2010

Something New Has Been Added

My second daughter, R, decided that she needed a car for when she goes to college next fall. She has been working this school year and saving her money. So......

She just bought a 2007 Dodge Caliber. It is a cute little front wheel drive SUV. It has four doors, and will seat Five (four comfortably), with a decent sized cargo area in back. It is supposed to get 30 MPG highway. It has a nice stereo that she can plug her MP3 directly into, and handles well. I will TRY to post a picture of what it looks like. :o)

I hope that she is happy with it, and that it gives her many years of service. I also hope she is able to continue making the payments, for my credit score sake. :o)

Hang in there. Drive safe. Stick.


Nene said...

She has just grown up so fast I can hardly keep up!

Mr. Giggles said...

Nice. I'm jealous.