Sunday, February 7, 2010


You'll probably neve guess what inspired this one.

I lie awake and stare at the wall across the room.
I wonder what I’ve done to bring on this kind of doom.

My partner lies beside me, snoring away in solemn bliss.
Their sleep is yet untroubled as if nothing is amiss.

The minutes and the hours slip away into the night,
But my mind seems to think that something isn’t right.

I tried a glass of milk warmed gently for my cup.
I read a book, took a walk, and propped my head right up.

I counted all the sheep ever raised in county Glen,
And still could not drop off to sleep, so I took up my pen.

I thought that I could use the time to write to all my kin,
But found that my sleep-fogged brain had not a thought within.

And still I lay un-sleeping, while those around me are at rest.
If Morpheus would take me, I’d sleep right with the best.

The clock upon the wall takes no note of my distress,
And has slowed its working movement to half-rate--maybe less.

My tired eyes are burning, and I wish that they would close,
So that I could end my yearning, and slip into a calm repose.

The ticking of the clock on the wall beside my bed
Echoes like a tympani booming round inside my head.

One o’ clock, two o’ clock, then three slips slowly by.
I think if I see four, I’ll just break down and cry.

Then, suddenly it’s morning, and the bell is calling.
I think that this is by far the most appalling thing.

Have a great night. Stick.


Inklings said...

Good poem, but as an insomniac of every night for nearly 22 years I will offer you some advice: stay in bed and rest your body even if you cannot rest your mind. You will be surprised that sometimes sleep finds you when you least expect it, but it won't if you are up and doing. That's not to say I don't feel sorry for us both, though. :0)

Delirious said...

I have two pieces of advice. The first is to see your Doctor about being tested for Sleep Apnia. I'm an 99.9% positive you have it, just because of the way you snore.

The second is something for you to try, but I don't know for myself that it's any good. I was in Barnes and Noble and saw a book. Have you heard of the show, "I Can Make You Thin"? That guy has a book out called, "I Can Make You Sleep". It might be worth buying to see what he has to say!

Stick said...

In reality, I wrote this poem due to lack of sleep, not necesarily insomnia. I get off work so late, that by the time I get settled down and to bed, it is LATE, but the feeling is still there. It is very rare that I really CAN'T sleep. Sorry Inklings. I feel for ya'.

Nene said...

I know that when my kids worked jobs where they got off really late, they couldn't go to sleep either. It just takes a while to get your body to settle down. It's also why people shouldn't exercise late at night.