Monday, March 5, 2007

For what it'sWorth...

I decided to post another poem/song.


The new moon rises over the distant ridge,
The clouds run a race across its white face,
Lightning dances on the nearby peaks,
While all around life picks up the beat.

What wonder is reflected upon her face,
An image that is hidden from those around.
What joy comes unbidden to those gathered there,
Though none can tell just what they’ve seen.

A misty scene appears before the seeking gaze,
Visions that none have sought show clear.
Truth, or lies, none who see can say,
While others question everything around.

Their thoughts flow round like water,
Looking for a means for their escape.
They trickle through the cracks in their mind,
Running away as quickly as they came.

The visions fade like the setting sun,
The moon has spent its time aloft.
She sinks into the cold horizon,
While the people seek understanding.

The storm has spent its force and fury,
The lightning rests ‘til the next song plays.
The darkness bleeds into the new day,
Only a few grasp the riddle they’ve been shown.


Twist's Tales said...

I've always been partial to rhyming poems, but I like the imagery of this one. Brings back lots of memories. Stick, is this an original?


Inside Stories said...

I like it! It's good!

Stick said...

All poems posted here are my originals. The imagery comes from scenes I have seen hiking the mountains of Utah.

Delirious said...

I would love to hear this put to music...I think it would be a great song.