Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Yet Again...

Some people might think that I just sit around and write poems, but I really don't. I just decided to post several that I have written over the years. So here's another one. :o)

A Gift Given

A gift has been given
A debt is now owed.
None who are living,
Can lighten the load.

The debtor unshriven,
Seeks to repay,
That which was given,
Before end of day.

But what price to restore,
Who owes such a debt?
Who should we implore,
So none will forget?

And so comes to mind,
A pattern--a way.
To give back in kind,
Or so the songs say.

Give a part of yourself,
For a gift made with skill,
Pay not with pelf,
For no coin fills the bill.

The gift that was given,
The debt that was owed,
Is paid by the living,
A gift not bought with gold.

And so comes the answer,
To give in return,
A gift that will stir,
And make the heart yearn.

A gift made with your hands,
To give part of your soul,
Will meet the demands,
And make patterns whole.

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