Thursday, April 5, 2007

Now You See What I'm up Against :o)

In my United States History classes, we have been discussing the second World War. As part of our unit, we spent almost an entire day talking about nuclear proliferation, its impact, and what the students thought should be done about it.

We also have several of my female students (juniors), who are involved in the Junior Miss program. This is similar to the Miss USA pagaent, where the girls can earn scholarships for college in different categories. One of the competitions that is included is the solo interview. Each girl is brought before a panel and asked questions about different topics, and they are graded on their poise, clarity, answers, etc. One of these girls mentioned that in her interview, she was asked, "What do you think about the possibility that North Korea and others might have the capability to make a nuclear bomb, and the proliferation of these weapons in the World?" After an entire day spent on this very topic, her answer for the panel, "It's bad."

Shake your head, and walk away.

Take care. Stick.

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Native Minnow said...

Here's hoping you have some students that make you feel that it's worth your while. I'm sure that it's just like in my classes where the good students don't give you any blog fodder ;-)