Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy B-Day Nene

I don't know why, but Nene's birthday always seems to sneak up on me. It's not like it's not on the same day every year. I think it is because we are focusing so much on the New Year's day stuff. Most of my memories of Nene come from when she was older, or at least into her teens. I can vaguely remember her with her braces, which she had for four years or so, but I mainly remember her during her high school years. She was always on the go, or so it seemed to me. I can remember her sitting in the living room playing the guitar with her friends. I think that is why I wanted to learn the guitar later on. I'm sure I remember a stop sign and a yield sign in her room (although I don't think she showed them to me, I think I snuck in there to snoop) :o).

I do rememeber when she dated Dave(?) with the green chevy, and I remember when she first announced that she and Leon were getting married. The boys were in love with his mustang. I put rice and newspaper in their car, and filled two hollowed out eggs with rice to throw at them at their wedding. (I believe I had to vacuum out the car too).

I have always been amazed at Nene's musical talent, and wish I had a share of it. I would love to be able to play the piano like she can, but when it comes to that I am all thumbs.

Nen has had her share of trials, and has faced them better than I would have. She is a great person, whose sense of humor fits right there with the rest of us. We love you Nene.

Happy Birthday! Stick.


Nene said...

That was probably Danny with the green chevy, I can't remember anyone else with a green car. I only dated him once or twice and the rest of the time we were just best friends. Thanks for the birthday tribute - I love you! And you didn't seeee any stop sign or yield sign in my room....(say that a ObiWan does in Star Wars) :0)

Stick said...

I didn't see anything...

And I didn't even bring up the swirly. :o)

Inside Stories said...

That's funny, Sticks, because I ALMOST blogged about the swirly. I didn't though, because Nene was the birthday girl. :0)

Were you confused about the green Chevy? Because I dated David, who drove a '55 green Chevy.