Friday, January 23, 2009

Over, and over again

I recently finished the first draft of my book. The other day, my wife and I wennt and had a hard copy printed for editing purposes. I am now in the porcess of going through the book for the third time correcting tense, grammar, and any spelling errors that Word missed. I also recently attended a writer's workshop presented by a published author who visited our school. He had a list of twelve things to do when writing a successful story. I think mine has all of them. I hope it does. Now if I could just convince the publishers....

Have a great day! Stick.


Inside Stories said...

Good luck!

Delirious said...

Good luck! I had a friend who was a school teacher, and so was her husband. In the summer, when they didn't teach, they would write children's books. She told me that it is better to send only one chapter of the book than to send the entire manuscript. Then if they want to read more, they will ask you for more. That gives them an idea for what your writing is like.
The other course of action would be to get an agent. Many publishers won't look at unsolicited manuscripts. They only deal with agents. I'm not sure how to go about getting one though. lol