Thursday, January 15, 2009

Self Exam

My last post contained three poems that I recently wrote. The comments made by others got me thinking about these, and why I chose the topics I did, and why I wrote them. I think my self-revelation about the story behind the poems might interest some of the readers. Maybe not, but here goes anyway. :o)

The first poem came to me when I heard one of my students tell another how much they liked a picture they had drawn. They simply said, "That picture is great!", then they walked out of the room before the artist had a chance to say anything, but I saw the response. This simple compliment made the first student's day. I started thinking about the many times that something like this might happen, and how the little things we say can have big results.

The second poem came just after Thanksgiving. We were sitting around with all of our family and friends (stuffed to the gills of course), and I started to think how grateful I was for the things we had been blessed with. I have never gone hungry in my life due to lack of food (and looking at me you can tell). I wanted to express somehow that feeling of gratitude. I hope I was successful.

The last poem came to me as an analogy of a man's life. I wanted to show how we need support from those around us to succeed, and how we have to work hard to stay aimed at our real goal.

I have written several other poems since these. If I decide to post them, maybe I will do so with explanations like these of where the idea came from.

Keep on thinking. Stick.

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Amber said...

I liked hearing the stories behind the poems - thanks for telling us :)