Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wii Like It!

My family got a Wii Sports for Christmas. Within an hour of getting back from Grandma and Grandpa A's house, we had it set up and playing. Needless to say, since the kids are out for Christmas break, they have been playing this constantly since then (at least when they are awake, and maybe in their sleep). I have to confess that I have been having fun with it as well. They say that if you do it right, it is proven to help you lose weight and get in shape. Here's hoping.

Get out there and get fit! Stick.

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Nene said...

We got a Wii also. We bought it in the US and had it shipped here. ($$!!) We got the Wii Sports with it too, and I wanted to get the Wii Fit but couldn't find one in the US. We couldn't find one here either, so bought Mario Kart and even got an extra steering wheel. HOWEVER...the Irish Mario Kart won't play on our US Nintendo Wii!! We called Nintendo and they said, "Sorry". They won't refund our money or even exchange it for a US Mario Kart. AND...the box was not marked with anything that would indicate that it was not able to be played on US Wiis. He did tell us about a guy in the US who had the opposite problem. So now we have no games to play except Wii Sports until February when we might go back to the US for a visit. :0+