Thursday, December 4, 2008

I think I'm Channeling Scrooge

I have always enjoyed Christmas. I love decorating, putting up lights, hanging tinsel, putting up the tree, everything. I enjoy singng Christmas carols. I have a good time looking for just the right gift for the people I give gifts to. Usually.

This year, I can't seem to get into any of this. No one can see our house from the road, so why decorate? We've been practicing carols for two months, so the blush of excitement there is gone. I need a shot of Christmas spirit, but I don't know where it is going to come from. I guess I just need to remember the real reason for the season. I hope so, and I hope it works soon.

Have a Merry Christmas regardless. Take Care. Stick.


Delirious said...

Well, you definitely need to put up lights, even if it is just for yourself. It really does get you in the mood!

Nene said...

You could decorate the front of your house ala Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation - The Griswalds? Then people would leave the road and come searching to see what the heck was the deal with the bright lights! :0)