Thursday, November 27, 2008


Inklings posted about the twenty things she is thankful for. I thought I would add my twenty before anyone else.
1. Someone else who cooks
2. Coming home to a clean house (rare)
3. Sunny days in the middle of winter
4. Three bathrooms when two are full :o)
5. WWW.anything..... the internet, which gives us access to the world
6. My comfort zone
7. People who push me out of my comfort zone to try new things
8. That a president only serves a 4 year term
9. Mountain meadows filled with wild flowers (Hey, I'm in touch with my feelings)
10.That I have six great kids (not seven)
11. Precooked, ready to eat, just heat, anything (even though I like to cook)
12. Creative people who invent things to make our life better
13. Other creative people who write, paint, compose for us to enjoy
14. Modern medicine
15. The moment when the rain stops, and I get to smell the freshly scrubbed air filled with the scent of pine and sage
16. Being able to be inside, warm and dry, while it is raining, or snowing
17. That I don't have to rely on my hunting skills to have food on the table (those who saw my last deer will understand)
18. Hot chocolate, with mini-marshmallows
19. Cell phones
20. That I have someone who has put up with me for almost 22 years

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Delirious said...

Sorry, I posted mine first. :P Actually, Dee Ice did too. However, if it is any consolation, I didn't post 20. :)