Saturday, November 22, 2008

Not Purple Rain--Purple Pain

We recently remodeled our master bedroom suite to add a shower to our half bath. Aside from being very happy with the results, we also needed to paint the new resulting larger bathroom. We took paint chip cards and scattered them all over the new tile to see what we liked the best. Our tile has shades of gray and brown (sounds weird-looks great), and we chose Dover Gray as the new wall color. As soon as we started painting, my wife called me in the bathroom (I was doing a couple of other projects while she was painting). I walked in to see what would have made my mother very happy, a light lavendar bathroom.

After living with it for a week or so, we have decided to repaint, so we are now looking for a new wall color again. Wish us luck.

Take care. Stick.


Stick said...

To Delirious--If you read this, we are pretty good tilers now. Still need help on that master bath. :o)

Lindsay-Weaver said...

We painted my kitchen a beige tone that looked tan on the chip, but after we painted in looked pink. I let someone else have it and it looks tan in their house. The lighting might be partially to blame in my case and yours.

Stick said...

It's not the lighting. It looks more purple in different light. We bought a new color, and have already repainted.