Monday, November 10, 2008

Quotable Quotes

We just recently listened to a talk. We were encouraged not to give up on those who have strayed, no matter how far they may be off the path. We were to encourage them to return, and that it is never too late However, this quote was within the content.
"Repentance will bring forgiveness, but it may not restore what might have been, or
what could be."
It gave me cause to wonder what those who stray could have done had they never strayed. It makes me a little sad to think of all the great things that might have ocuurred if not for choices made.
Take care, and stay close to the Lord. Stick.


Nene said...

Thanks for posting this. I needed to read this comment today. You have given me much food for thought.

Amber said...

I agree - I know that my life would probably be alot different today if I had dated and married in the church, rather than dating a non-member. I also really do feel, (and it makes me really really sad) that there are alot of things in my patriarchal blessing that probably won't happen now BECAUSE of the choices I've made. It makes me wonder how much happier I would be right now if I hadn't ever stepped off the path the first time.

Delirious said...

I was thinking that there are some things that we can still have when we repent. For example, we can still make ourselves worthy to go to the temple, even if we have messed up. But there are some things we can't get back. For example, the bar has been set higher for missions. If we don't live up to the standards, no matter how much a person repents, they won't be able to go if they have crossed certain lines.

I haven't committed any huge sins, but it makes me wonder about myself too. Have I not lived up to something I was supposed to do?