Sunday, February 6, 2011

You Might Live in Wyoming if....

The temperature hits 33 degrees, and people are rolling down car windows because it is so nice outside.

The temperature is -5 degrees, and the kids STILL wear shorts and t-shirts to school, with no coats.

You are driving down the road, and you see a dog frozen to a fire hydrant.

If the temperature hits 45 degrees, and you see people outside sunbathing.

You need to install wildlife crossing signs next to school crossing signs.

The number of Antelope and deer in town outnumber the number of people in town.

(I could go on. Any you can think of?)

1 comment:

Mr. Giggles said...

If family visiting complains of the cold...on July 15th.

If you tie your dog up not to keep him from running away, but from being BLOWN away.

If your idea of a white-noise sound machine is opening a window.

If you open the car doors when you have a tailwind to increase your gas mileage.

If you want frozen fish, so head to the nearest stream.

If you lick the freezer to warm yourself up!