Tuesday, January 2, 2007

The Sick Room

I have six children, and like Bill Cosby said, the reason I have six is that I don't want seven. I was ready to stop with four, but my wife convinced me that we "needed" one more. One more was twins, so we have six. Now don't get me wrong. I love all of my children, and wouldn't give them up for anything, but there are days when I would definitely loan them out to someone else.

I believe my boys are trying to test the philosophy that if they can survive each other, they can survive anything. They can play together for hours without any problems, but sometimes can't sit next to each other for a minute without doing something to annoy or hurt the other one. A friend of ours told us they remind him of two characters from the recent animated movie, "Ice Age, The meltdown". They remind him of "Crash and Eddy" the two possums from that movie. I can't help but agree.
My kids have also gotten into a habit similar to that of "Delirious'" kids. When my kids get sick, they think that the place to recuperate is in mom and dad's bed. It's bigger, it's warm, and there is a TV coveniently placed for their enjoyment. Of course this means that every bug they bring home, they cough and sneeze into my bed, sharing their illness with my wife and I. My oldest is the latest candidate for this. She has had the flu for a couple of days. This means from the time she gets up, untill she goes to her own bed for the night, she is in my bed. She eats there, sleeps there (during the day), watches TV, and orders her medications, food, and snacks by way of the intercom. When she finally decides it's time to go to her room for the night, then I can have my side of the bed back, and can go to bed myself. Last night this didn't happen untill almost eleven. Now my wife has the flu too. I fear I won't be far behind, but so far so good. Maybe I just need to make my room less comfortable, or make their rooms more so.
Have a Happy New Year!

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