Tuesday, January 16, 2007

"The New Math"

My boy's share a math teacher in the 4th grade here. He has a problem of the day that he sends home to challenge his students, and this counts as part of their grade. These are his way of getting the parents invovled in their kids education, because the problems are difficult, even above grade level. The main dificulty with these challenge problems--sometimes even my wife and I cannot solve them. I haven't decided if it is bad wording on his part, or stupidity on our part. Maybe a little of each. We have tried some of these problems two or more times without getting them right. One frustrated me so much, that I took it to the honors Math teacher at our High School, and he and his students spent 30 minutes before coming up with an answer. I really think that 4th graders, who are still doing simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division should be given a break on this, along with their parents. At the very least, let it be extra credit if they get it right, and don't have it be such a big deal if they don't. Instead he sends them home day after day with "REDO" written across the top, untill we finally stumble on the right answer.
I hope I don't have any homework tonight. Take care.

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