Thursday, January 11, 2007

To Write or not to Write, that is the Question.

I am an amateur poet/songwriter. No, most have never seen or heard anything I've written. I'm not sure if it is vanity or fear that keeps me from showing my work around. Maybe a combination of both. I have decided that maybe I will post one or two here, giving those who have found this blog a chance to see some of these. I can take the criticism, let me know what you think. Iv'e never named it. Perhaps "Harvest Moon".

As night rests upon the earth,
And the darkness takes it’s toll,
The peace you bring to me,
Has worked to make me whole.

The Harvest Moon shines in the sky,
A guide to this lost soul,
Emptiness is just a word,
Whose meaning has gone cold.

The daylight does not dim the fire,
It’s glow reveals no sin,
It simply serves to show all men,
What smolders deep within.

I have been a wanderer,
No place to call my own,
But since you have entered in,
The world’s become my home.

Your name becomes my byword,
Your face becomes my view,
Your smile brings light to darkest night,
Each thing becomes as new.

The day brings no deep regrets,
The darkness brings no fear,
Love has shown it’s shy face,
The one that I wish near.


Delirious said...

Nice, do you have music to this?

Stick said...

Only in my Head.

Inside Stories said...

I really like it. sthis an ode to your better half? If so, maybe name it after her? Also, I really like your new blog design.

Inside Stories said...

I had to put in that typo so you would know it is really me :0)

Stick said...

Yes, My wife is the inspiration for this poem. I still like the title. She is the light in the darkness for me.