Sunday, January 7, 2007

It's a Guy Thing

It must have been a nightmare for my parents to have me around. Maybe I was not as accident prone as I think I was, but looking back on my life when I was a child, my mother must have worried about me every time I got out of bed. I got stuck in a tree, fell off a stairwell storage area, crushing my teeth, jumped onto a bed, cracking my skull against the wall, fell off a stage, breaking my foot in four places, got hit in the head with a claw hammer, and fell over a barbed wire fence, cutting a 5 inch gash in my leg, just to mention a few. Now I know there were many other near catastrophe's that my parents never knew about, like climbing down the drainpipe from our second story bedroom, or free climbing a mountain face. As I think back on these things, I start to worry myself. I have twin, 10 year old boys, and one one cannot think of to get into trouble, the other one will. Even at the tender age of 18 months old, having just learned to walk not long before, they were holding the chair for each other in the kitchen so that they could reach the cookies in the cupboard. I hope I'm not the only one who thinks, or worries about this kind of thing--I'm sure I'm not--I also hope they survive it. I'm sure it's a guy thing. Take care.


Inside Stories said...

No, you didn't fall off the storage area by the stairs (unless you did that twice?) You had a superman cape on and you were attempting to fly.

Stick said...

Yes, I did fall off the storage area. I was leaning out looking for LL, waiting to scare him, and lost my balance. The Superman cape was invovled in the jumping on the bed in the basement, when I hit my head on the wall