Saturday, December 30, 2006

Early to bed--Early to rise

I am not really a morning person, and never have been, but for some reason I keep having situations in my life where I need to get up early. For a while, right out of High School, I worked for a dairy. Every morning, I had to get up at around 5 am. Then later I worked for a youth program where I was up each morning at that same time, preparing breakfast for the staff. When I started teaching, I thought that the regular schedule would eliminate this problem, but then I got a coaching position where we had to have early morning practices for a while. Just recently, my oldest daughter has been volunteering to sub for the paper delivery in our area, so occasionally she gets a call from someone for that duty. She can drive, she knows the town, and she has a younger sister who usually volunteers to help, but for some reason, I usually end up climbing out of bed at 5 to assist. Either they slept in, or the paper is a huge holiday edition, or somebody's sick--like this morning. I didn't want a paper route when I was a kid for just this reason-plus the lousy pay- but here I am. Maybe I can convince the local paper to change to an afternoon edition, at least I'll already be awake when the call for help comes. Have a Happy New Year.:o)

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Delirious said...

Now see...I always thought of you as a morning person. You always woke up before me, and Mom said that when you were a child you were her early riser. Maybe it has to do with how much sleep you get now.