Friday, September 5, 2008

Woes of the first week of School

I teach a middle school class designed to help students who are below grade level in reading or math, bring those skill levels up to where they should be. These recovery programs are designed for students who are not special populations, but still need help. They are all based on computer learning where the student works at his, or her, own speed and level. We develop a plan of lessons for each student after giving them an assessment to find out where the deficits in there learning are located. All of this is done on the computer.

Unfortunately, my computers have been down all week. I have not been able to do the assessments. I cannot get my students working on the programs needed to help them. I have no lesson plans outside my computer programs. The teacher who has administrative access to add my students into the computer porgram is out of the office. In other words, I have been winging it all week. The first day we introduced ourselves and the class. The next day, we discussed class rules. Then we played a trivia game. Today I copied some worksheets out of an old textbook. I hope that by Monday My computers are all working. If not, my stress level may go up.

Take care and stay calm under pressure. Stick.

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Inside Stories said...

Are your computer classes the A+ program?