Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sported Out

This has been a really hectic time around our place. Our second daughter is playing tennis on both the Junior Varsity and the Varsity teams. She usually has one or two matches a week, and this week goes for the two day regionals, with the three day State tournament next week. Number three daughter plays on the Junior varsity and sophmore volleyball teams, again usually with two matches a week, and she has regionals coming up in two weeks. Number four is playing volleyball, but luckily usually only plays once a week. The two youngest boys are playing soccer, with a game every Saturday.

Between the games and all of the practices, I've just about had it. I can't wait for the season end, except then they all start basketball. How many days until schools out?

Take care. Stay sane. Stick.


Delirious said...

I'm tired just reading about all of your sports. My kids haven't really bee in to sports that much, so we have had only occasional seasons that we had to attend sporting events. And then, it was usually just one kid, not all of them. :)

Inside Stories said...

I'm sorry for you! Seriously sorry!