Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mom Too!

My sister J just posted about our mom. I wanted to make a few additions.

Mom told us that when she met Dad, she was actually dating a sailor, but dad was nicer, and persistent, so she went out with him, and dumped the other guy.

She also said that she worked at a lunch counter just outside of Lockheed. The men would pre-order their lunches on a little card, and the time their shift got out for lunch. They would have the entire place reserved for ten minutes a seat, and as soon as the man came in they put his pre-ordered food down in front of him. He would eat , then leave. I can't remember how many men she said they would feed in a one hour lunch, but I do remember that it was a lot.

Mom liked to dance when she younger (still does, but you know...). She was also very limber. She could bend over backwards, and pick up a scarf with her teeth, from between her feet, on the floor.

The only time I can ever remember mom working outside the home was when we were living in Texas. Mom took a part time job working for the U.S. Census. She recounted many stories of having to check out the migrant worker shacks on some of the farms. She said you could hear people when you walked up, but they would not answer the door. They were afraid she was with immigration.

For years while they lived in Texas, Mom and Dad were in a bowling league. They would bowl every weekend while the league was running. I liked to surprise them while they were gone, and would often clean the kitchen, or re-arrange the cupboards while they were gone, and on cold nights I would make them a cup of postum when they came home. I'm SURE that Mom really appreciated this. I think she usually spent the next week putting things back where she could find them.

Mom is a saver, just like her mother, and probably had more fabric squares for quilt tops at one time than she had clothes in her closet.

I know I speak for all of the kids when I say that WE LOVE YOU MOM!

Take care. Stick.


Inside Stories said...

Mom also worked taking money at the swimming pool.

About the sailor she was dating... he came into port unexpectedly one night , and she had Dad there. She brightly suggested they all go to the movie together! Neither guy was happy about that, but they didn't want her to go alone with the other, so they all went. She sat in the middle, and held hands with BOTH, making them each think she was favoring them. :0)

I didn't know about the lunch counter at Lockheed, maybe that is what she meant when she said she worked at Lockheed?

Nene said...

Once again, I learned things I didn't know. Thanks for posting.