Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mechanical Genius?

I spent last winter without a heater. For some reason my fan quit. Nothing I did would make it work. So, I finally broke down and bought a repair manual for my truck. I went out, checked all the fuses, all the relays, eevrything I could think of--and it still didn't work. In disgust, I hit the fan motor with my pliers. It works now.

Continuing with my new found streak of mechanical know-how, my oldest daughter J called us from Green River last night. Her car had broken down. When we arrived, we found a large hole in her radiator hose. All of the part stores in town were closed, so using all of my mechanical abilities, I got out my roll of duct tape, and wrapped about five layers around the hole. It held until she got home where we could replace the broken hose.

Maybe I'll open a shop...maybe not.

Take care. Stick.


Delirious said...

Hey, hitting usually works with the tv! Although what I can't understand is why my husband won't let the kids flip the remote, or play with it while they are watching tv, but he will pound on the top of the television. About a month ago some people were throwing out a big screen tv, and my oldest son asked if he could have it. We don't really have room for it, but it sure is nice. We just have it standing in front of our old entertainment center. It's so fun to watch Harry Potter on the big screen!

Nene said...

Maybe you could go into a whole new line of business. You could be a "Hit Man". :0) Here's your ad: TV broken? Car won't start? Refrigerator on the blink? Call THE HIT MAN! We also handle delinquent teenagers, lazy husbands, interferring mother-in-laws and just everyday annoying people!

Amber said...

LOL Maybe you're like the McGyver of car repairs!

Amber said...

LOL Maybe you're like the McGyver of car repairs!