Thursday, February 8, 2007

The Agony of De-teeth

Our oldest daughter just had two of her wisdom teeth, and two other teeth extracted yesterday. She does not handle pain well to begins with, and she is just miserable. She had originally planned to go to school today--not happening. We bought her protein shakes, pudding, yogurt, and ice cream to prepare for the time while she can't chew, or eat normally. She had a few mashed potatoes last night.

I can't help but remember my own experience with this painful episode. I must have been very loopy coming out of the anasthesia, because my mother says she had to hold my arm to keep me from falling over. In my own mind, I felt wonderful. I think this was the drugs talking, because I remember being miserable later. We went on a trip just a few days after my surgery, and I had a Big Mac for lunch. I had to take it apart, and eat a layer at a time, beacuse I couldn't open my mouth far enough to eat it normally. I hope my daughter recovers quickly.

Take care, Stick

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